“Music is the Medicine of Mind” How true is this Statement.

Music to treat torment and lessen stress: While music has for some time been perceived as a compelling type of treatment to give an outlet to feelings, the idea of utilizing melody, sound frequencies, and cadence to treat physical sicknesses is a moderately new space, says analyst Daniel J. Levitin, PhD, who ponders the neuroscience… Read More »

Punjabi Musical Instrument

Punjab has wide range of musical instruments used in folk songs and bhangra songs. Punjab’s folkal instruments go back many centuries. In the history of punjab they have left a great impression. If we look back at the ancient time then Bhai Mardana, the devotee of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, used to play ‘Rabab’ a… Read More »

About Indian Salwar Suits

Hey trend lovers! As we all know that Indian dresses has always been considered versatile and comfortable. The dresser put efforts to make it just amazing and superb. Fashion lovers always wait when fashion show will release and they get new designs. Every year we get unique designs that update our knowledge of dressing. The… Read More »